Are you planning a trip to Tuscany to explore the breath-taking Medieval Villages? Than there are five curiosities about one of the most enchanting Medieval boroughs and “city of beautiful towers”San Gimignano. Read some of the most interesting facts that only locals and tour guides know!


1) The ancient village gets its name from the Saint Gimignano, but the most important on is Saint Fina, who is the Patron Saint of the borough. The Cathedral of San Gimignano has an entire Chapel dedicated to the 15 year old Saint. She is buried in the Cathedral and her tomb stone is actually thee altar of the Cathedral


2) In the main square of San Gimignano, Piazza della Cisterna (well square), there is a very popular Artisan Gelato place. The popularity of it comes from the fact that for two years in a row the owners obtained the award of Best Gelato In The World. Not hard to believe that there is always a long queue outside the shop. (Go find it and tell us if that’s true!)


3) During the Medieval Times there was a general idea of isolation. As a matter of fact this is the reason why all the houses that were built during those years were towers, house-towers! House towers, or casa torre, had very small and narrow windows, as their only purpose was to change the air.


4) San Gimignano is also known as the city of beautiful towers; in fact once there were 72 towers within the walls. Nowadays, there are 14 survivors left. There are actually three kinds of towers in the village: bell towers, always by the Churches, house-towers as already mentioned, and watching towers along the walls, which were used to spot the enemies and to defend the inhabitants from a protected height.


5) We kept the funniest curiosity for last… In San Gimignano the towers have nicknames! The main tower is the torre grossa (thick tower), it is the biggest and tallest, belonging to the mayor. The there are the torri gemelle (twin towers), which were built by one single family wanting to celebrate the birth of two twins. Ther is also the torre rognosa (angry tower), which earned the nickname because after the family left it, it was turned into a prison (with a lot of angry people in it).


Join us on our tour and explore San Gimignano with us!


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