Ambrogio Lorenzetti Exhibition in Siena

Ambrogio Lorenzetti Exhibition in Siena

The amazing medieval city of Siena is bringing back to life one of the main Italian painters of all the XIV century: AMBROGIO LORENZETTI.

Lorenzetti was the first and the best one to successfully enlarge the view of the panorama, and nature paintings. He was the first artist to renovate the whole concept and idea of the iconographic representation.

His paintings look like an instant photographs, colors are vibrant…just like Caravaggio’s painting, but 250 years before Caravaggio!

For this special exhibition, starting the 22nd October 2017 and ending the 21st January 2018, the organisation borrowed many selected works of art from the most famous museums of the world, like the Louvre in Paris, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and the Vatican Museums in Rome.

In addition, the exhibition will be even more entertaining thanks to the presence of audio guides, and short videos both historical and narrative-evocative.


The exhibition is announced to become the most important art exposition of the year, not only in Siena but in all Italy! 





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