Visit Tuscany olive oil producers

Visit Tuscany olive oil producers

Olive oil is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Tuscany: there are more than 400 mills, 70 different kinds of olive trees, over 50 thousand production companies, and most importantly several local consortia that Guarantee the authenticity of the olive oil, this means that consumers can rest assured that the olive oil is of top quality, the consortia also help to keep the traditional methods of olive oil production alive.


The Tuscan olive oil, is, and remains, a staple of the Mediterranean diet. In addition to its unique flavor and aroma, it helps in the treatment
and prevention of numerous diseases. Everyone knows that the habitual use of extra virgin olive oil reduces the presence of “bad cholesterol” in the blood, and increases that of “good cholesterol”. It decreases the risk of heart attack by up to 30 percent and helps control blood pressure.


The polyphenols and vitamin E which are contained within the olive oil, help prevent arteriosclerosis and slow down the aging of cells. Recently, the scientific literature reported that there are significant improvements with regards to the prevention of osteoporosis. Finally, another study conducted in France shows that taking regular extra virgin olive oil can reduce up to 40 percent the risk of stroke.

In short, as mentioned above, there are many good reasons why it’s better to use Tuscan olive oil, and its important to know the details of the production of an oil that should not be missing from our tables.


Visit Tuscany olive oil producers and enjoy the extra virgin olive oil tasting with us 

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