I FEEL TUSCAN: Pistoia Special Visit

I FEEL TUSCAN: Pistoia Special Visit

It is a Saturday morning. I am walking along the Sant’Andrea street.

I have almost reached the Church of Sant’Andrea. Amazed by the still originally simple Romanesque church, I enter the gate. Although I read many times about the Pulpit of Giovanni Pisano, I still remain astonished by its elegance and beauty. The superb example of the gothic sculpture, carved by the same intensity of ”David” by Michelangelo, but 200 years before!

Continuing the walk along the streets of the city centre, I follow the joyful voices and I find myself at the Duomo Square. 

What a marvelous square full of colorful market stands! The local “Pistoiesi” are enjoying the great clothes, bags and shoes’ choice at the weekly market. The elegant Italian ladies are searching for last modern accessories, the first thing to show to their friends drinking the morning cappuccino, so they can shout: What a bargain!

I’m raising my head and I notice the majesty of The Cathedral, the elegance of the Town Hall, the sobriety of the Justice Palace. The Bell Tower standing in the middle, facing the Baptistery, dividing political and religious power.

Guided by the pilgrims’ spirit, I enter the Duomo to admire the St. Jacobus Altar, silver and gold, a masterpiece of devoted goldsmiths. Very young Filippo Bruneleschi participated with his recognizable renaissance ability.

At the Sala Square I am overwhelmed by odors and colors of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, a monument to the nature, where Tuscan “signore” buy the ingredients for their tasteful meals, the entire families stroll around having an espresso or a hot chocolate at the typical Italian bar pasticceria.

Immersed in the magical atmosphere of a Tuscan town, walking along the narrow streets carrying arts and crafts names suddenly I get the strange feeling: I have become the part of the Italian Saturday morning,

I am not only observing it, I am taking part in the typical activities of the locals, I am invited to contribute to render this authentic atmosphere even more magic.

I am “living” Pistoia and I am enjoying Tuscany!

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