Restoration of glass window of the Cathedral of Florence

Restoration of glass window of the Cathedral of Florence

At last! After much anticipation, the restoration of the beautiful stained glass window of the Cathedral in Florence has been completed.

The glass window depicts the Assumption of the Virgin, made by the glass master Niccolò di Piero Tedesco, on a design by Lorenzo Ghiberti, the famous artist of the baptistery doors, the so-called “gates of paradise”. The restoration work has restored the original colors, understandably faded by time and the deterioration of the materials.

Until September 8th, the glass will be exhibited in the Baptistery of Florence
, where for the first time, everyone will have the opportunity to admire it “up close and personal” before it is reassembled on the facade of the Cathedral. Originally mounted in June 1405, over the door of the incomplete facade by Arnolfo di Cambio, the stained glass window is part of a cycle of 44, (originally 45) which were produced, between 1394 and 1444, by master glassmakers  adhering to the drawings of Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Paolo Uccello, Andrea del Castagno and Agnolo Gaddi.

The restoration of the rose window was necessary due to the so-called phenomenon  “pulverization of glass”. Once dismantled and transported to the
laboratory for restoration in March of last year, the glass of the rose window was subjected to repeated washing and cleaning, thus removing the layers of dust on the  surface, which was then followed by a mechanical intervention performed with scalpel to remove the deeper layers and tenacious crusts of decomposition. Lastly the pictorial reintegration was achieved on the missing parts, which allowed a recovery of the legibility of the design.


A golden opportunity, in short, to admire a work of art otherwise difficult to appreciate from such a height.

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