Florence mysteries

Florence mysteries

Florence is appreciated by tourists from all around the world due to its rich artistic and cultural heritage. In Florence there are hidden corners yet to be discovered, the secret gems of Florence, that even the most seasoned traveller is yet to uncover.

For example the Garden of Bobolino, just outside the Porta Romana, near the avenue Niccolo Machiavelli. From here starts a path that leads to Piazzale Galileo, and finally to the basilica of San Miniato al Monte and Piazzale Michelangelo.

The area of ??San Niccolò, with its restaurants unknown, even to the most experienced guides. Here you will find one of the oldest churches of Florence, the church of San Niccolò, that still bears the scars of floods, suffered in the past. We recommend visiting the beautiful Parco delle Cascine, purchased by the Medici family in the sixteenth century. Here, every Tuesday is held the largest outdoor market in Florence.

The secrets and mysteries of Florence are endless. Along the left side of the Cathedral, for example, where the entrance to climb the dome is situated, look above, and you’ll discover the head of a bull, which traditionally pays tribute to all the animals that worked on the construction of the Cathedral. There are those however that claim that it is a symbol of betrayal, put there by a master carpenter, who was having an affair, and who decided to mock his love rival with the emblem of the horns, which in Italy is a sign of cuckoldry. 

With regards to secrets and mysteries, only some people know, that to the far right of the main entrance to the Palazzo Vecchio, behind the statue of “Hercules and Cacus” by Bandinelli, there is a face of a man carved into the stone. Legend has it that the “hidden picture” was sculpted by Michelangelo The portrait, so they say, is of a man who regularly stopped Michelangelo to chat, boring him with stories of financial woes. The legend tells us that on one such occasion, Michelangelo, when stopped had a chisel and hammer in hand, and whilst pretending to listen to the man, chiseled his profile onto the wall of the Palazzo Vecchio, immortalizing the boring man forever !

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