Bread festival of Altopascio

Bread festival of Altopascio

Will you visit Italy without tasting the delights of the local cuisine? 

An unforgivable sin! That’s why “Come & See Italy” decided to organize special cooking classes dedicated to people who – in addition to traditional souvenirs – want to come back home with a baggage rich also of flavors.

“Come & See Italy” offers specific lessons to learn how to make tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi, pizza and many other typical Italian delicacies, especially Tuscan.

We announce an event not to be missed, in May, on the 9 and 10 in Altopascio, in the province of Lucca. This is the famous “Bread festival”, commissioned and designed to promote the symbol of Altopascio, bread, and to remember the important role of this town of Lucca as far as the production of bread, in the past also a place of welcome along the ancient Via Francigena.

The appointment is in Piazza Garibaldi, where you will meet the bakers of Altopascio with the variety of their bread, a product characterized by drafts and strands with a crisp and golden crust, and a clear and pasty crumb, for centuries the diet of pilgrims. This kind of bread is famous for the total lack of salt, for the quadrangular or strand form. Someone says the secret of success of this bread is the water of a particular hardness and a special leavening process, but don’t tell anything the bakers of the place. They will tell you that is exclusively about them!

Now there are 12 bakeries that produce bread of Altopascio, which is distributed throughout Tuscany. Other bakers – with their bread – will be located in the square of the Hospitallers: here you can taste the typical homemade bread Montegemoli and the Alta Versilia with the bread of Montignoso morocco, “focaccia bread” and “seravezzina Azzano”, bread of Lunigiana, dark and round shape, bread Agnino, the potato and the Marocco Casola chestnut flour. Then you can taste and buy products such as biroldo, the chestnut flour, oil, honey, various types of wine and sheep, in addition to the cakes of maize flour.

An event not be missed, really. Enjoy your meal, of course thanks to excellent Tuscan cuisine!

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