Garfagnana Spring Festival

Garfagnana Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is an important opportunity to discover the beauty of Garfagnana. Here we have again “The erbi in the local gastronomic tradition” in Castiglione di Garfagnana. In addition to the gastronomic delights of the place (soups, cakes, casseroles and lasagna), you can taste local wines through the streets of the village. 

Together with Come & See Italy, you can discover the mystical and unspoilt Garfagnana valley and its two historical main administrative centers: Castelnuovo Garfagnana and Barga.
We begin our journey with the visit of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, where we will see the massive Fortress, once used as seat for the headquartes of the Estense’s administration in Garfagnana. Nowadays the fortress is called ‘Ariostea’ due to its most famous Estense Ducal Commissioner, the renowned Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto.

 After having wandered long the streets of the town, we will be taken to the Montalfonso fortress. This massive fortress dominates the surroundings from the top of the hill, at 453 m (1486ft ) of altitude. The fortress bears the name of its founder, Duke Alfonso II d’Este from Ferrara and it was made to become the main defensive outpost of the Estense Province of Garfagnana. The surrounding walls, which incorporated also the ancient hamlet of Monti, enclose 6 hectares of land and from their strongholds it was possible to see (and to communicate) with the nearby fortresses.

This amazing fortress will be a spectacular set for a nice Tuscan lunch, with lovely local products. 

After lunch, we will head toward Barga.
In Barga, we will stroll along the tiny streets and the picturesque squares of the village, which truly witness the medieval urban structure. There we will admire the well-designed structure of  Palazzo Pretorio (magistrate’s Palace), as well as the Loggia del Podestà and the Teatro (theatre). Afterwards, we will climb on to the top of the hill to visit the elegant Cathedral, built between 9th and 12th century, that overlooks the valley from an height of more 400 metres (about 1312ft).

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